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out in the cold?

for advent 2014
I do not like to be cold.
I wear sweaters over long-sleeved shirts in the summer. I wait in frozen anticipation to hear “pitchers and catchers report” because that means this part of the world will soon—slowly but inevitably—pass into the contentment of Spring.

I’ve never trusted that groundhog.

In the midst of my Winter whining, however, Advent comes along, and I ought to look not at the Sun that is far from the Earth but to the “Son who is close to the Father’s heart.”

During this season, we anticipate the birth of the Light of the World when the days are their darkest. We prepare for the coming Baby Jesus who in a blink of an eye of the liturgical year will transfigure into the coming King of all of us.

Advent’s character is reflected in the stillness of its season. Bare trees no longer sway. Squirrels have gathered their quota of acorns. Seemingly, birds won’t chirp again. Yet, if I am patiently quiet and do not move, I will soon—and just—hear the stirrings of a still, small voice. It asks us to accept willingly and expectantly the blessings of spiritual re-generation and renovation from God’s light of grace shining lovingly on us and His warm everlasting mercies comforting us.

Thank God for the “grace upon grace” that flows warmly from God’s seat in Heaven and that offers us new beginnings. The Earth may be dead, but Jesus is alive.


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