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a great gift deserves a great "thank you"

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Tonight, I received one of the most profound gifts I've ever had the pleasure to open. There's only one place on this Earth where you can get this slice of heaven. South Georgia. Douglas, Ga. Holt's Bakery. The best caramel cake there is. Amen?

My co-worker's grandma-in-law, who went to high school in Douglas with my Dad, picked it up and carried it to her mother-in-law Methodist church organist, in Macon, Ga. The cake was then transported across the Gnat Line from the South Georgia Conference to the North Georgia Conference, abetted by the organist's Methodist husband, a Methodist preacher and fine American. The cake then landed at Marietta FUMC in time for the seating music at "Amahl and the Night Visitors."

Depending on how you go, that's driving through somewhere between 13 and 15 counties. About 45 local speed traps. At least 200 miles total. That's how good this cake is.

In honor of this mammoth efforts on the part of the music director and organist at that Methodist church in the South Georgia Conference, I'll share it tomorrow with the MFUMC handbell choir.

Dear cake-conduit co-worker: Please pass along my thanks and--in advance--those from the ringers.

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